More of the Same

Well, it seems I've been a little caught up in life to keep up with the comic - I fully intend to get back onto the horse as soon as I possibly can.

Keep hanging in there,


Heads up <IMPORTANT>

You may want to read this if you enoy my work.


Three Miles Away

Hey guys, check this out.

It's a whole new comic I'm working on. Hope to see you there!


"What the HELL, Page!?"

What have I been doing? Well, not a lot really. But the main question really is, if I've been doing all that, then why haven't I been doing PoL?

It's clear I've left it too late to finish off my 24hour comic arc. Plus, that was far too boring anyway. Do you really want to see three panels of more sleep? Didn't think so.

I'm having severe trouble trying to find the motivation to draw something for this. And, while I do have a great idea for an update, I don't think it's one the older fans will like. However, should I get the bollocks to sit down and draw it, it'll go up. And, hopefully, you'll all like it.

In the mean time, I am working on a project that I'm excited about. As you might know, I planned on doing this "Doodle Chat Chronicles" comic. I'm going to be continuing that, only under a new name! The cover's already up, and I'm in the midst of storyboarding the first few pages of it. So keep an eye out for the new comic! I will be letting you all know here.

In the mean time, I hope you've all been having a great time!


Failure to Update

PS no longer stands for Photoshop, it now stands for Piece-o' Shit.

Due to unusual constant crashing, there will not be an update for a while. Hopefully will be back on track soon.

Then again, I'm sure you're all used to no updates from me by now. Sorry for the delay.


Back to the Drawing Board

Well, as some shocking news hit the site, it's obvious that life for me has taken an interesting and undesirable turn.

However, even in this darkest time for me, it could turn out to be a better time for you!

Yes, now that I no longer have a job or any significant other to direct effort and attention to, I can now work on more projects with ease!

So expect to see more activity here!

God knows I need to do something to carry on.


Guest Week

Ok, so thank you all for your interest in the Guest Comic auditions!

A total of six artists e-mailed me! And here they are:

Dillon - A nice simplistic style! I can tell you like Invader Zim. It's a style I'd like to see grow as time goes by.
Hughmonclo - I actually really like Hugh's work, considering as "Greg" he's defiled many of my comics already...
Shigamori - This guy's got a relatively good eye for proportions, but I think it could still use some work. Other than that, not bad at all!
Prowlingmonkey - A nice neat anime-esque look, but it's also got that flare that tells you who's style it is. I really enjoy Adam's work.
KyledKat - Another neat simplistic style that I've almost had a bromance with. It's one of those styles, like Dillons, that I'd like to see grow and become it's own.
MADA - Alas, you did not the place of Guest Artist, but you have a place in my heart.

Now, the moment of truth! Ooooooo. Each one had a charm I really liked, so it wasn't easy for me to choose, but there can only be one.

And that one is Prowlingmonkey!

Guest Week starts on Monday 25th October. So hang around for Adam's work! Thank you all for entering!


Weekends Suck

As you guys might know, I work late on weekends. This stops me from updating. And sometimes, Emma updates for me. But also sometimes, there will not be a weekend update...

So, possably, the comic is sometimes updated monday to friday? Who knows. Maybe a warning of things to come? Who knows.

Sorry :T


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