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Catching Up - March 4th, 2009, 1:25 pm

Say hello to Charlie, my ex-fiancé. Hopefully we won't have to see her much in this comic.

Here, she's sporting her home-made Kimono, which does look very good on her.

I bought the main material pattern of which is the template for the whole thing for her when we were still together. And now she's parading in it, and every single nerd in a 10-mile radious is praising her like a goddess. It sickens me.

But I laugh, and entertain the thought of her inevitable realisation that she's wasted her her entire life, jumping from boy to boy, tossing each one away like an unwanted toy that got boring, and she will fall hard, and she will come back to one of her ex's. And if she ever comes crawling back to me, I will enjoy every second of the moment, as I tell her to fuck off.

Yeah, I should probably try to stay away from her more.


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