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Job Hunting Continued - March 11th, 2009, 12:47 pm

I've applied for a job for the Student Union today. In doing so, I contacted my old boss at McDonalds, as well as contacting my old English Teacher form high school. Both agreed to be references. Such wonderful people, they are.

Anyway, comic related, here's Sam. His full name from my understanding is Sai Sam To. Nice guy he is. Good friend of mine too.

He showed me a good reason not to have an overdraft too, even though a good 90% of students agree that an overdraft is the thing to have. Then again, having £10 to my name is much better than having -£1,800.

Even so, I also managed to contact my tutor about the course change. I still need to contact more people about financing it and I have mroe forms to fill out for recruiting myself into the new course. Or something like that?

It's complicated.


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