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I'm Back with an Idea - July 3rd, 2009, 4:50 am

Well hey there folks!

My triumphant return! It feels good to be back.

Did you enjoy Caris' comics? If you like them, check out the Archives - she has her own section now! And, speaking of guest artisits, I've had an interesting idea.

This comic is called "Pages of Life". Perhaps, it shoudl also incorporate other people's lives, such as Caris? Or maybe even you?

Once every now and then, I might feel the need to have another week off - because updating twice daily is fun and all, but it takes a lot out of you, mainly time. And, seeing as it's a comic about life, I kinda need time to live it!

So what I'm thinking is perhaps starting some kind of system where other artists, whoever you might be, can take over for a week. Of course, I'll interview you. I'll ask the same questions as I asked Caris, and I'll have a look at your artistic skills and such. And if I like you enough, then you might get a spot in the archives like Caris.

I like the idea, so there. More on it when I iron out some details.


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